A Christmas Poem

In full dependence there he lie
The Son of God
Sent from on high,
Now man, a boy, a babe
A King, with stars at his command
Now swaddled meekly on the hay.

Dear precious sight
A babe divine
Yet shrouded here in flesh
Familiar to our eyes
His glory set aside
At birth brought low,
Yet announced in skies aglow
By angels to
Both shepherd boys
And Kings and wise
To come, all come
And worship Him.

Mary stroked his cheeks, his hair
And watched her infant sleeping there
In awe of each stir.
She treasured in her heart
The words which angels did impart-
This child to bring peace and glory
Take David’s throne,
Complete their story
Rule and reign.
Yet Joseph had received his name-
Jesus: for he will save his people
From their sins.

Oh wondrous words!
How could this be?
How will this small one set us free?

And before long Simeon went
In the Spirit with great hope and joy
To bless Mary and Joseph’s little boy,
And yet, what troubling words were spent
“Behold this child is appointed
For the fall and rise of many,
For a sign that is opposed
And I’m afraid dear Mary
A sword will pierce your own soul also.”
Then, little did she know that he
Would be the man of sorrows
From Isaiah fifty-three,
That babe worshiped in the cattle stall
Would one day take the sin of all.

That lowly birth, raptured in praise
Preceded many darkening days
His miracles would gain him fame
Though when he spoke men cursed his name.
One day they’d want to crown him King
The next his execution bring.

We thank you Father for the birth
Of Jesus Christ upon this earth
To become our merciful high priest
Bring low the proud and exalt the least.
In him our weary souls relate
For as a man he knew our state
He bore up under every pressure
All temptations and every measure
Of rejection, wounded for our transgression
The most Holy One to cry
“Oh Father why? Oh Father why?”
Yet never know defeat or failure
For He accomplished all His Father’s pleasure
As a man to represent our race
As God, to take a sinner’s place
For only the God-man could erase
The eternal debt that must be faced,
Crushed as an offering for sin
But the grave could never win.

For see he rose again in flesh
Proclaiming victory over death
Then to the sky did he ascend,
Likewise will he come again
Near to the end, no more the infant lowly
But with his saints, in might and glory
Yes, still to finish Israel’s story.
Finally his peace to bring
And restoration of all things
Heaven on earth
And God with man
Yet may we always understand
Without his birth
All hope is lost
No incarnation
Then no cross
No remission
Or life, or light
Or message sent
But condemnation
Without a perfect man’s death-
And that man must be God the Son
We ever praise the Holy One.


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