Astonished By Mercy

That you would shed your blood for me

When I was foulest enemy

And on your back I’d place the cross

For in rebellion I was lost.


Willingly I scorned your name

It should be I who bared the shame

Why would you die for sinners cruel

Who despise your reign and rule?


Oh dreadful heart, within me beat

And out flowed poison

I could not retreat

From rallying against the Son

For I despised the Holy One.


And now that I can see so clear

That is was God who drew me near

When I would beat Him with clasped hands

He fulfilled the laws demands

And was dealt justice in my place

The King of Earth took my disgrace,

What can I say, how can I ever

Express my love

To Him who never

Owed me breath

Or forgiveness sweet

Who took my death

And waits to meet

Me at His throne

I’ll stand alone

Now washed in blood

A precious flood

Dressed in white

And declared right

With God

My God

No words can say

What marvel, and wonder

Is on display

In my heart-

Gasping, silence, song

May say it best

Or in the longing

Of my flesh

To be with you

With all things new

There I will praise

You all my days

For dealing with me

By extending mercy.


Glory, glory to the lamb

Who laid down His life for the vile!

Honour, honour to the lamb

For this sinner He reconciled.

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