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Lord Help Us

Lord, help the mothers

Late at night

While buried in distress and fright

Who’ve just learned they now carry life

Lord, not to be deceived.


Lord, help the counsellors

In their schools,

Or in Planned Parenthood counselling rooms

While they play God and offer schemes

Lord, help them for they are deceived.


Lord, help the doctors

Who with their hands

Bring death, help them to understand

This is no money making game

Lord, help them to feel their shame.


Lord, help the child in the womb

Now as he blossoms and he blooms

Into one created by your hand

Who helpless rests and waits for day

Lord, let his life not end this way.


Lord, help the children in the world

While learning lies in their classrooms

And on TV, that it must be

We are only part of a natural plan

Of selection, so the weaker die

Lord, open up the children’s eyes.


Lord, help young teens

Who believe the advice

Of adults passing condoms out

Without thinking twice

Who tell them it’s normal

To explore, and leave all risks at the door

Birth control will keep you safe

But where are these people

When the kid’s hearts break?


Oh Lord, help the teens

Like only you can

By giving grace in Jesus Christ

I pray before they wreck their life.


Lord, finally help this nation

Of sinners, taken and foolish

Like I was, for we’ll surely perish

Lest you have mercy on our souls

How far will this madness go?


One day we’ll stand before your throne

To give an account

We’ll stand alone

All human wisdom will fall to the ground

Only those trusting in Jesus will be found

Accepted and forgiven

No matter their crimes

Lord, help them before they run out of time.